Golf cart license plates personalized

Golf cart license plate

Golf cart license plates customized

The golf cart size plate is also used on mobility scooters, pet carriers, pull wagons for kids and electric go carts. Customers use them to express themselves while tooling around the links, neighborhood parks or local race track. The plate may accept up to 17 characters per line and up to two lines depending on what  plate design you select. As an added feature our process allows the buyer to embed (add) a company logo, photo or graphic image to the plate for a personal look you can't get elsewhere. We also offer modification of the header and footer on certain plate styles, please check with us first before ordering.

Material description

The plate is a digital image, printed, trimmed and bonded to a thin, coated composite backer board then sealed in 10 mil industrial grade UV resistant plastic laminate which protects the image from scratches.  It is not metal or hard plastic.

Dimensions and Details

  • The dimensions of the golf cart size plates are 4.25 x 8.5 inches.
  • The plate has 4 marks resembling mounting holes (for realism).   
  • Each plate comes with Velcro strips for mounting as most golf carts have no plate frames. If holes are required by the buyer this request must be made at the time of purchase. 


  • A license plate font resembling the real stamped letters and numbers is used and the font color will match the original plate style unless the customer requests otherwise before ordering and we confirm the request.
  • Digital embossing is used on all the inscriptions unless the real plate used flat lettering. All inscriptions are printed in capital letters unless you request otherwise at time of purchase and we confirm your request. 

Special Modifications

  • The modified golf cart size plate can have added digital images, graphics or header/footer changes, and price varies as indicated on the drop down list on the order form. 
  • Any color modifications on the background must be pre-approved by minipl8s and if approved a special invoice will be sent for this extra service. 

Quality and Durability

  • The image is clear, precise and colors don't bleed together...unlike the ink sublimation process which turns the ink into gas when heated and applied to the aluminum. 
  • The durability of my plates have been tested under all weather conditions and last for years when mounted using my supplied Velcro. 
  • My repeat orders consistently reach 25% of my annual sales.